Machining and finishing operations

Numerically-controlled machining with Fonderie Moulaire in the Lyon region

Fonderie Moulaire has a modern high-performance machining shop equipped with numerically-controlled machines. Our plant and machinery:

We machine virtually all cast parts in-house in our various casthouses, thereby meeting our customers’ requirement to have a single supplier.

Surface finishing service

A unique solution for fabrication and surface finishing

Finishing blanks

Whatever casting process is selected, the parts undergo manual or automated finishing operations to improve their surface state. Our mechanical fettling offer comes in a variety of forms: tribofinishing, shot blasting, and polishing surface treatment.

Finishing and assembly operations

In view of the numerous demands of our customers to have subassemblies they can integrate directly into their production line, we now offer additional services including finishing, component mounting and special packaging. We manage the outsourcing of paintwork operations or other surface treatment, protection and decoration operations (anodizing, chromium plating, cataphoresis, etc.)

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