Zamac injection

Injected Zamac: production of made-to-order parts in injected Zamac near Lyon

ust as it does for die-cast aluminium parts, Fonderie Moulaire also offers you its experience to design your injected Zamac parts. Whatever your company’s business (textile industry, heavy goods vehicles, sport, energy transportation, construction, etc.), we adapt to best advantage to meet your requirements. Zamac casting enables us to make each part with precision, ensuring reproducibility of dimensions, and a meticulous surface state for all the available protective and decorative treatments.

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Our teams of specialists in aluminium and Zamac casting and machining are entirely at your disposal.

What exactly is

injected Zamac?

Zamac die-casting consists in injecting the metal into a metal mould at high speed then applying high pressure. This technique produces thin complex parts with minimal dimensional tolerances, which reduces or eliminates certain machining operations. Mostly reserved for large production runs, we also offer this technology for small and medium production runs.

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All your parts’ production stages (injection, machining, finishing and assembly) are monitored and signed off. With suitable controls, we therefore guarantee you delivery of parts meeting each of your requirements.

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