Injected aluminium: design of made-to-order die-cast aluminium parts

Place your trust in the professionalism and know-how of Fonderie Moulaire, specialized in the casting and machining of made-to-order parts. We master numerous casting techniques to produce your parts. In addition to aluminium gravity casting and injected Zamac, we also offer aluminium die-casting. We have automated units that ensure the consistency of the cycles and the reproducibility of casting parameters, thereby guaranteeing consistent quality of the injected parts.

Do you want to create a made-to-order part?

Entrust us with your cast aluminium project now. Thanks to our specialized design and engineering department, our team personally assists you for the machining of your made-to-order injected aluminium parts.

What exactly is

die-cast aluminium?

Die-casting consists in injecting the aluminium into a metal mould at high speed then applying high pressure at up to 1,000 bar. This technique produces thin complex parts with minimal dimensional tolerances, which reduces or eliminates certain machining operations. Mostly reserved for large production runs, we also offer this technology for small and medium production runs.

Our qualit


We carry out all the necessary quality checks at all stages of production (casting, blanking, machining, etc.), to guarantee you parts with an irreproachable finish that fully meet your technical specifications. We systematically verify the conformity of your parts before dispatching them.

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