Aluminium gravity casting in metal moulds. Your aluminium parts made to order with Fonderie Moulaire.

One of the casting technologies our company masters is aluminium gravity casting in metal moulds.
This technique, behind the formation of the company, has been used and constantly improved by our technicians since 1920.

Whatever your line of business, you can place your trust in our expertise to make parts meeting your technical specifications.
With our renowned know-how we find suitable solutions and satisfy the most demanding requirements.

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What exactly is

aluminium gravity casting?

This old process consists in pouring liquid aluminium into a mould then letting it cool to reproduce the inner and outer forms of a given part. The metal mould, studied and designed by ourselves, is filled by ladle solely by the action of gravity. A heat treatment can also be carried out in our furnaces to improve and perfect the mechanical properties of your parts.

Our quality


We carry out all the necessary quality checks at all stages of production (casting, deburring, machining, etc.), to guarantee you parts with an irreproachable finish that fully meet your technical specifications. We systematically verify the conformity of your parts before dispatching them.

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