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A sales team totally at your disposal.

Our sales engineers, who all have extensive experience in casting, will give you the best advice.

tonnes of aluminium cast per annum

A design and engineering department dedicated to your projects.

Our highly-qualified engineering technicians work together to find the optimal casting solution.

Our markets

Fields of work of Fonderie Moulaire near Lyon.

The fields of work of Fonderie Moulaire based in Meyzieu, near Lyon; the Moulaire Tecfaz foundry strives every day to adapt to the requirements of companies in all economic sectors. From the simplest to the most complex, we design and make your parts to order, with the aid of our design and engineering department and all our plant and equipment. We are at your disposal and able to meet your requirements for small, medium or large production runs. Gravity and pressure die-casting of aluminium alloys, injected Zamac: we have various casting techniques enabling us to meet all requirements and technical specifications.
Textile industry, Leisure facilities, Energy transportation, Food-processing, Office furniture, Street lighting, Fire-fighting equipment, Safety equipment, Construction, Heavy goods vehicles, Sports, Railways, etc.

Our 3 casting processes

Aluminium gravity


We can design your aluminium parts to order, with our qualified team, an experienced design and engineering department and suitable plant and equipment. Gravity die-casting consists in filling a metal mould with molten degassed aluminium alloy, processed according to strict procedures. Parts requiring stronger mechanical properties undergo heat treatment. Parts intended for small or medium production runs, weighing from tens of grams to nearly 10 kilos, can therefore be made.

What is

injected Zamac?

Zamac is an alloy of zinc, magnesium, aluminium and copper. Particularly suited to die-casting, it is used to make thin parts with a complex configuration. Inexpensive, injected Zamac is used to produce parts weighing from a few grams to nearly 3 kilos on average, or in large production runs. In addition to their suitability for die-casting, zinc alloys are recyclable indefinitely. Our pool of machines includes 10 automated presses with a clamping force of 20 to 125 tonnes.

Aluminium die-casting

More about aluminium die-casting!

The aluminium die-casting technique consists in injecting aluminium into a metal mould at very high speed then applying high pressure on the metal as it solidifies. With this process, thin and precise parts weighing from 100 grammes to roughly 5 kilos can be made and reproduced. We have automated presses with a clamping force of 400 to 550 tonnes for medium or large production runs.

Machining and finishing

quality finishes

We have had a machining shop comprising numerically controlled centre bores and lathes for over 15 years, to offer a complete quality solution to our customers in search of a comprehensive solution. Since our latest acquisition in May 2020, we now have 12 centre bores and 4 lathes.

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